Have you ever struggled to understand a concept even after putting in hours of study? It could be because you haven’t identified your learning style yet. While the existence of learning styles is still under debate, many individuals have found success in understanding and utilizing their preferred learning methods. In this article, we will explore the concept of learning styles and how identifying your personal preferences can help you optimize your study experience. We will also provide tips and tools to help you effectively apply your learning style and achieve success in your studies.

Discover Your Learning Style: Tips and Tools for Effective Learning
Discover Your Learning Style: Tips and Tools for Effective Learning

Do you know your learning style?

Tip #8 Know your study preferences so you can ask about theirs!

I know that the research is out on whether there is truly a thing such as a “learning style “, but this is where applied research gets tricky.

(They also tell us that sugar does not affect the activity levels of children 😮🤣 but I’m sure we all have had our own experience with that situation.)

So the long story short is, do a personal assessment of how you like to learn. make your list! Do you like to study alone, or with a friend? Do you want to write it down or hear information? If you do write things down, is it a long narrative approach, a highlighted outline, or flashcards?

If you don’t know how you like to learn, then how do you know if your supervisor will engage you in an effective manner?

Check out the link below as only one example of many learning style quizzes or questionnaires that you can check out. Comment on what comes up as your learning style and whether you think it actually matches you!


We have also written a more in-depth article about the learning styles and how to use them for your benefit. Read that article here.

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