Are you struggling to get Unrestricted Hours?

Are you working as a behavior technician? Can’t seem to find enough time for assessment and data collection. Don’t know how to analyze that data or use it to design new programs? Do you work all day and then feel like you have to go home to squeak out an extra two hours of unrestricted time reading research articles?

Are you in a non-traditional ABA job? Are you an office manager? Hospital technician? Fast food restaurant manager? Are you having trouble trying to figure out how to do a functional analysis of behavior for unrestricted hours? Are you struggling to figure out what data to collect, monitor and analyze?

Did you know that finding more unrestricted hours is MORE about how you think about what you do than what you actually do??

Has anyone talked to you about the idea of RBT as Consultant through Private Events?

Come check it out!

ABA remote supervision testimonials

Stop struggling with Unrestricted hours. ABA works everywhere!

Come learn how to do assessments, design programs based on functions of behavior, collect and monitor data      and train those in your current job.

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