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This makes complete sense. This is what I’m trying to do in all my assignments, complete them but with intention. I will say these tips do help me kind of map out what supervision will look like where as before it was all a fog.  Definitely a lot of work to get to the destination but I know it will all be worth it in the end!

Thank you for taking the time to explain what unrestricted hours are to me in our consultation. It really helped to learn that unrestricted hours have so many different ways they can be done. I was also happy to learn I was able to stay in my current job, continue my education, and gain experience toward becoming a BCBA that is much more focused on the tasks of one.

I love that you’re so passionate about it and it really shows in your genuine enthusiasm.  I have had to explain to so many people what a BCBA is and what I’m in school for / what my job will be, over and over again.  It’s just not common knowledge what this field does and hopefully with people like you influencing so many of us we can do the same and grow this field so people know about it just like they know about physical therapy, speech theraphy, etc…

I’ve been really struggling with this lately when it comes to taking clinical hours and trying to get as many as I can!  But I also have kids and older parents and lots more responsibilities whan I had when I was younger.  And some of my clients are in crisis, which can make this situation exponentially harder.  So I appreciate Jenie’s direction to sit down and take the time to plan my supervision out.  Carve out a sustainable plan, set the boundary, for both work and for family (as best I can) and make adjustments as necessary.  But I aslo like to remembere:  I am replaceable at work; I am not replaceable at home.

For me I’ve put off supervisoin because I just didn’t know where to start.  The contract, the fieldwork sheets, the ration of hours and how specific everything is just feels so overwhelming.  After looking over the documents you’ve sent you have organized it so I’m less stressed.  I’m hopeful and excited to start supervision now.

This is excellent!  I feel lucky and hopeful after talking with Jenie Scheiter Nowak too.

I attended this zoom meeting and ti was incredibly helpful.  Before the meeting I thought supervision was out of my reach since I’m employed full time as an Intervention Specialist.  After the meeting I truly felt excited that I could see becoming an ABA all the way through.  I scheduled a second meeting with Jenie and signed the contract today.  I feel like I will have a mentor/partner through this educational experience.

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