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  •  you want to be a Rockstar Supervisor Trainer
  •  you want to avoid burnout  and achieve 80% or more Unrestricted Hours 
  •  you want to learn our “7 dimensions ABA everything ” approach to hours
  •  you don’t want to quit your higher paying day job
  •  you don’t have 4 hours a day outside of your job to do UR Hours
  •  you believe that the science and technology of ABA really can change your world  and beyond

About Me

I am Jenie Nowak. I am a Speech Pathologist of over 30 years and a Behavior Analyst of 16. I have been Supervising for over 13 years-Remote ABA Supervision for 4 years!

I have a passion for guiding and training our next generation of Rockstar Supervisor Board Certified Behavior Analysts!

Supervision might be hard, but it should not be daunting, discouraging, or depressing!

I have worked with individuals across the lifespan (two years old through 80+ years old) in a variety of settings (homes, clinics, hospitals, schools, day camps, migrant worker accommodations, Sunday school, swimming lessons, corporations and more).

I strive to disseminate the knowledge and science of applied behavior analysis through “ABAing everything” based on The 7 Dimensions!

At Plus 1 Solutions, we provide solutions to making Remote ABA Supervision work for your schedule, your current professional job (don’t quit it!), and your area of interest.

remote supervision

 Plus 1 Solutions provides remote ABA supervision with a Flexible Schedule that eliminates travel time and increases individualized Services and Focus.

Through remote ABA supervision you have access to a variety of clients that would not be typically available in an autism-based clinic/home delivery model.

Remote AVA supervision with Plus 1 Solutions provides training opportunities to maximize your unrestricted hours,

and fine-tune your training/public speaking skills.

How our Supervision Works

Plus 1 Solutions offers a hybrid approach to supervision. Trainees complete 4 to 8 weeks of one on one individual sessions where you will learn to ABA everything, Track and Prove your hours, complete paperwork, and learn Case Conceptualization through the 7 Dimensions. Trainees are then invited to a group cohort of 3-4 trainees to provide camaraderie, support, clients, training opportunities and resources on a twice per month/every other week schedule. We know that supervision will be a lot of work. Plus 1 Solutions aims to integrate you, your supervisor, your worksite, your university, your studying for the exam, and your self-care throughout the supervision experience to provide broad-based support and avoid burnout.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Supervision do you need?

For STANDARD supervised independent fieldwork, you need a total of 2,000 hours, 100 of which (5%) are directly with your supervisor .

For CONCENTRATED supervised independent fieldwork, you need a total of1500 hours, 150 of which (10%) are directly with your supervisor .

Individual sessions must be 50% or MORE of your total supervised time.

What is the structure of supervision?

Individual meetings between supervisor and trainee for your first 4-8 weeks.

Trainees then join Group supervision (3-4 trainees) 2x/month.

Trainees also have opportunities to join trainings, workshops and coaching sessions.

When can I start supervision?

You can start accruing supervision hours once you have started qualifying coursework, secured a qualified supervisor, and signed a Supervision Contract.

How much supervision do I need each month?

5% of total hours for STANDARD supervision.

10% of total hours for CONCENTRATED supervision.
For example:

If you work the MAXIMUM 130 hours per month, you will spend 6.5 hours (STANDARD) or 13 hours (CONCENTRATED) per month WITH your Supervisor.

Is there a minimum or maximum of hours allowed to accrue each month?

No fewer than 20 hours but no more than 130 hours of experience may be accrued per month. At Plus 1 Supervision, we recommend a minimum of 60-80 hours per month so that you build momentum, see your progress, and complete your total hours in a timely fashion.

Who counts as “clients” for experience supervision?

Any person for whom behavior-analytic services are appropriate is a client. A trainee may not be related to the client. Clients must be human (no animal clients). Clients may be a “business”. Clients do not need to be autistic/neuro-divergent.

What equipment do I need to begin Supervision?

Supervision is provided remotely, so you must have a computer with a webcam and adequate internet service for online learning activities, synchronous supervision sessions, and asynchronous observation recording and transmission. Supervisees also need a mobile phone or another device capable of video recording and transmitting some client sessions.

Is there a supervision curriculum?

Yes. We use a structured supervision curriculum that covers all areas of the  BCBA Task List (5th edition) that we call Segments. Our supervision curriculum is optional and adapted to your needs and career focus. Competency and Task List assessments will be given to you throughout the process so you know how you’re doing, what content to study more, and which skills you need to refine. Your unique needs and interests will influence how we work through the curriculum to ensure you’re getting what you want from your supervision experience.

Can you help me to track my fieldwork hours?

Yes. The BACB requires you to use a unique tracking system for your fieldwork hours. I use an online tracking tool that provides us with detailed and accurate tracking of your fieldwork hours to comply with this requirement as well as a method to visually assess restricted vs. unrestricted hour categories.

Will you provide me with clients?

Yes and No. Plus 1 Solutions will provide access to potential clients through our online communities, supervision cohort groups, and our private FB group Free Tips and Hacks to Finding Your Best ABA Supervisor. We also help you ABA everything and understand that ALL humans who can benefit from our ABA strategies and science are potential “clients”. However, strictly speaking, Trainees must obtain their own behavior analytic clients. Many trainees work in an environment in which they can provide behavior analytic services, but supervision is not given to them. In this case, remote supervision is a great solution. Trainees must adhere to the  Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts in effect at the time of supervision when obtaining and working with clients including Consents and Releases.

How can I ensure you are My Best ABA Supervisor?

Let’s meet and talk it over! To get started, JOIN our FB group, read some TIPS, watch some videos and get a feel for our culture. Join a Live Deep Dive Q&A (or watch a recording). Then, schedule a Free 60-minute Consultation with me to determine my availability and get to know us face-to-face. During that consultation, we will determine how much supervision you will need, the amount of behavior analytic work you will have, the rate at which you want to progress through supervision, your target specialties and your (potential) clients. You can reach me through the link below to sign up for your 60 minute follow-up one-on-one with Jenie!

What is the next step to begin supervision with Plus 1 Solutions?

After your free initial consultation, if we agree to work together, we will complete a supervision contract, which I will provide for your review. The supervision contract outlines the expectations of the supervisor and supervisee, what each of us will do during the supervision process. Once we have completed the contract and you have submitted your Contract Deposit Payment, you can schedule your first supervision session and set your regularly scheduled weekly sessions.

What counts towards acceptable activities?

Acceptable activities include but are not limited to the following:

-conducting assessments related to the need for behavioral intervention or for evaluating behavioral interventions for individuals and businesses

-designing, implementing, and systematically monitoring programs and skills for individuals and businesses

-acquisition and behavior-reduction programs

-writing behavior/treatment plans, progress summaries, clinical notes, transition, summaries, and professional correspondence to individuals and businesses

Can I accrue unrestricted hours if I am not working?

Yes. We have a curriculum (Segments) that will guide you through unrestricted activities related to mastering Task List skills. These activities include researching and reading information related to assessing, treating and monitoring your clients, including self-monitoring. (See the recent article on decreasing personal Social Media use Reducing problematic social media use via a package intervention in JABA.

What is the timeframe for me to complete my fieldwork hours?

The timeframe of the fieldwork may not exceed 5 continuous years (e.g., May 2020 – April 2025).

These FAQ and Answers may change as the BACB makes updates.
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